Sewing Expertise

All of my products are made with high-quality material and are 100% made by me. I’m a self-taught sewer and have been designing and making items for 25 years. As a full-time school teacher, I often use sewing as a way to de-stress from work. I have been thankful to make my sewing time and skills into a small business as well.

Making cute things that babies, children, and adults will love and enjoy for years is my goal. My products are unique and one of a kind!

My skills include the following items for sale through my Etsy Shop. You can also submit a custom order for an idea that you have even if you do not see it on my website. I love to take on new challenges and expand my skills!

  • Children’s Clothing and Accessories
  • Costumes
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Taggie Sensory Blankets and Animals

  • Three-Dimensional Fabric Pieces
  • Bedding and Pillowcases
  • Coffee Cozies
  • Ouchie Owls

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