Give your unique handmade items an extra personal touch.

Monogramming gifts is a very popular way to give any item a personalized touch. We offer a two-letter and three-letter monogramming add-on product for any made-to-order item from our shop.

Monogramming gifts can be done on items such as sensory blankets, raggedy quilts, coffee sleeves, pillowcases, towels, totes, clothes, and more.

Please note that some finished products are not possible to monogram. Contact us with your item and design requests before making a purchase.

Buy a monogramming along with any item purchased from our shop.

How It Works

1. Choose Your Design

  • Select either a two-letter or three-letter monogram product.
  • Select your design from the available options.

2. Select Your Thread Color

  • Select Thread Color and indicate any color specifics (i.e. Hot Pink, Teal Blue, Lime Green, etc.).

3. What are the initials to be monogrammed?

  • Indicate the two or three initials/letters that are to be monogrammed.

4. What item are we monogramming?

  • Indicate the made-to-order item from our shop that you are purchasing along with this purchase or indicate the finished product that you are looking to have personalized.