Embroidery Work

Personalized embroidered names and embroidered characters.

Give any item a personalized touch with this embroidery work service! From pillowcases, towels, totes, blankets, clothes, and more… I can embroider many items for you or for as a gift for someone else!

From the illustrated examples, you can see that I can embroider names, unique designs, and various animal characters.

Please note that some finished products are not possible to monogram. Contact me with your item and design requests before making a purchase.

Buy an Embroidery Name or Character along with any item purchase from my shop.

How It Works

1. Choose Your Design

  • Select from one of nine different fonts or indicate the design/character that you would like embroidered.

2. Select Your Thread Color

  • Select Thread Color and indicate any color specifics (i.e. Hot Pink, Teal Blue, Lime Green, etc.).

3. What is the name or design?

  • Indicate the Name, Word, Phrase, or Design/Charcter to be embroidered.

4. What item are we embroidering?

  • Indicate made-to-order item from my shop that you are purchasing along with this purchase or indicate your finished product that you are looking to have personalized.