Ouchie Owls

Hot Cold Rice Pack

Solve lots of boo-boos with these reusable hot cold pack Ouchie Owls! Enjoy the natural home remedy for heat and cold for your ailments.

Heat in the microwave for 15 to 20 seconds for a warm pack or leave in the freezer to have ready as a cold pack.

Each Reusable Hot Cold Pack Ouchie Owl features:

  • Unscented.
  • Made with soft flannel.
  • Owl faces are embroidered onto the flannel.
  • Each one is filled two-thirds full of rice to allow movement and conformity.

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Ouchie Owl Details


  • Before sewing 5-inch x 5-inch.
  • Final Product 4-inch x 3.25 inch


  • DO NOT WASH! Spot clean with damp rag.


  • Always monitor babies and children when using an Ouchie Owl rice pack.
  • Be sure to check over product for any wear and tear that may pose a risk to the baby.
  • Buyer is responsible for proper use of product.

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