Each flannel fabric in my collection is hand-picked by me. I try to keep my collection current with trends, while still choosing premium flannel fabrics. I always have lots of flannel in stock in my shop. This allows me to make many custom orders through my website and on my Etsy Shop rather quickly for customers. Over the years, I have learned that showcasing the prints that I currently have available helps my customers to…

  1. Visualize the items they are requesting, AND
  2. Allow them to have more of a voice in the custom order process.

I have divided my current collection of flannel into three gallery showcases, Girl Specific Prints, Boy Specific Prints, and Gender Neutral Prints.

All of the flannel fabrics I stock are made from 100% cotton. Not only is flannel soft to the touch, it is thicker than normal cotton fabric. It holds up well to wear and tear.

These fabrics can be used to make Raggedy QuiltsOuchie OwlsSensory Blankets, and Teething Blankets.

Last Updated on 3/3/2023.

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