Raggedy Quilts

Raggedy Quilts

These raggedy quilts are the perfect addition to any boys or girls nursery/room. Babies and toddlers will enjoy lots of different textures on each raggedy quilt that stimulates brain development. Each quilt is complimented with a variety colorful fabrics. Great for snuggling, tummy time, learning, or to throw in the car or stroller on a cool day/evening. Rag quilts are sure to be a favorite for the years to come.

Both front and back are 100% quality cotton flannel with a center of cotton batting. Frayed edges on the front fabric and seamless texture on the back fabric.

Each large quilted flannel square is approximately 9-inches with a 1-inch fringe. Each four-patch square of quilted flannel fabric is made up of four sewn together squares measuring approximately 5.5-inches with a 1-inch fringe. Quilts have been washed with a hyper-allergenic detergent and dried to begin the fraying process. As you wash your quilt it will continue to fray – giving you more texture.

100% machine washable and tumble dry low.

Available Sizes:

  • Crib Size – approximately 42 L x 28 W inches
  • Floor Size – approximately 42 L x 42 W inches
  • Twin Size – approximately 90 L x 63 W inches
  • Queen Size – approximately 99 L x 90 W inches

Floor Size Examples     Crib Size Examples

Examples of Floor Size Raggedy Quilts

Examples of Crib Size Raggedy Quilts

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