Handmade Face Masks

Handmade adjustable and washable face masks for any Adult who may be going out in public or needing it to go to work.

Made with 100% cotton quilting weight fabric and fusible interfacing. Each mask is a total of four (4) layers thick. A wide variety of colors and designs are available.

Available inventory is changing frequently with demand.

We are offering Free Local Pickup to Stanislaus County, California residents.

Current fulfillment time is 3 to 5 business days.

Click to see zip codes available for delivery

  • 95307 (Ceres)
  • 95313 (Crows Landing)
  • 95316 (Denair)
  • 95319 (Empire)
  • 95323 (Hickman)
  • 95326 (Hughson)
  • 95328 (Keyes)
  • 95329 (La Grange)
  • 95350 (Modesto)
  • 95351 (Modesto)
  • 95354 (Modesto)
  • 95355 (Modesto)
  • 95356 (Modesto)
  • 95357 (Modesto)
  • 95358 (Modesto)
  • 95360 (Newman)
  • 95361 (Oakdale)
  • 95363 (Patterson)
  • 95367 (Riverbank)
  • 95368 (Salida)
  • 95380 (Turlock)
  • 95382 (Turlock)
  • 95386 (Waterford)
  • 95387 (Westley)
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  • 100% Cotton Quilters Fabric
  • Adjustable Chenille Stem on top of face mask (allows the mask to contour more to your cheeks and nose shape)
  • Two (2) Layers of fusible interfacing
  • Top of face mask secured with elastic (sized for an Adult)
  • Bottom of mask secured with heat-sealed satin ribbons (prevents fraying)

Print and patterns pictured here are subject to availability. 

Wearing Your Face Mask:

  • Pre-wash each mask before wearing it. Wash in cold water and machine dry on low temperature.
  • Hold mask close to the nose and mouth.
  • Stretch elastic over the top of the head, so that it rests on or above ears.
  • Elastic should be at the back of the head. If it is loose, move the elastic up toward the crown of the head.
  • Press the top of the mask around the nose and cheeks to create a more contoured fit.
  • Hold the top of the mask to the nose and stretch the bottom of the mask under the chin.
  • Wrap both ribbons around the head and tie in a bow to secure the bottom of the mask.

Caring For Your Face Mask:

  • Machine wash cold water.
  • Tumble dry low.